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We downsized some time ago as part of moving from a purely amateur to a  professional approach, we do not put on big shows with lots of activity purely for entertainment now (although we still go along to big events organised by others for fun and to keep in touch with our friends and colleagues), we now play to smaller events and locations where we can really interact with guests and visitors to get much more deeply into the history surrounding whichever location and period we are representing. That includes talks, and more formal educational inputs, plus a good laugh now and then.I  need to apologise for the lack of activity on this site, but hopefully that will change now.  
     Yours truly is in the 'writing up' stage of a PhD in history and that has (and is) taking a huge amount of time and energy, but having realised some time ago that history is all about people and heritage, and so we decided to take a more serious andprofessional  in depth approach to helping people to understand their past.
     We still have a good time and get to make noises with gunpowder and wave swords about, though, as I found growing up a bit boring (someone once said 'getting older is obligatory, but growing-up is a choice') and I agree-fun whilst learning as much as you feel you want to from properly qualified experts in their subject is the key to learning for me.
     We will still be doing some public events this year, although we have restricted the number of gigs owing to the learning commitment mentioned earlier, and they will be listed here. We are currently working a lot with touring companies, schools and the monthly (and ever-popular) Brother Thomas character at Tintern Abbey. Actually, Brother Thomas demonstrates our philosophy and love of history well-people come just to look around, to understand the role of the Abbey a thousand years ago, for religious reasons and to just have a laugh. In doing that, it beautifully  illustrates our philosophy regarding reenacting and learning:a professional and well-qualified service for everyone .
     If you are reading this, then I thank you, please stay in touch as the proper blog is planned to start this year, and as ever, our events and lives are full of laughs, tales to tell and  the ever present spectre of academic deadlines-we will keep you posted and really hope to see you or to hear from you, please feel free to email  comments (kind ones please) or questions, later this year we plan to take this much more onto Facebook as a business venture, but will still be posting here as well.We aim to be a professional, but accessible and fun resource for all of you. We will keep you posted.
Take care, please keep in touch and thanks again for visiting...
See You in the Past.
Les Shepperd

Well all tis virus hoo-ha has pout the kybosh on pretty much all public interactions, so what I intend to do is start writing up a tale of research-to wreport what I am researching and discovering (up to a point-I will try not to bore you) about what it was that made soldiers in the late c19th join, remain and fight against overwhemling odds in foreign lands, against fearsome and very capable enemies who were, at the end of the day, defending their homes and countries. Difficult to find winners here, so it is not about politics or judgement, just trying to find out what made the average joe (and it was 'joes' then, not Joannas) go and do it...

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