Logo: A blue chevron represents the Severn and the Wye rivers as they pass through the trees of the Forest, joining at Chepstow.

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US!!! - The Companions

Our Associated research and education website-bespokehistories.co.uk.

The Longbow Shop, extensive range of traditional Archery equipment.

Medieval-Weaponry co.uk- Reproduction arms and armour for reenactors and collectors.

Andy Mac's Painted Miniatures-Authentically painted historical figures, high quality and hand finished

TOD'S STUFF - Superb knives, daggers, wooden kit etc, bespoke if you want

The Green Man and the Gate Keeper-leather ware and more for reenactors and others

The Original Re-enactors' Market Website

International LivingHistory fair

The Freemen of Gwent Mediaeval Group in South Wales

Foxblade Trading- Brilliant period Shoes & Boots and also gloves and other things.

MInstrels of the Forest-briliant Mediaeval musicians

Link to BOARS- Ammanford Reenactors.

Minstrel Tom

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